Mona Dube who dumped Husband for Soccer Star Peter Ndlovu caught Cheating Again!

Remember Tinashe Gaza? The guy who got popular after Ex-Zimbabwean striker Peter Ndlovu wreck his marriage to Mona Dube.
According to MyZimbabwe, It seems Tinashe cannot let go of his ex-wife and will do everything possible to fight and use the media to humiliate any man who talks to Mona.


image: iHarare

Even though he recently admitted they were not staying together anymore, the 26-years-old still make it his duty to monitor his Ex about.

The latest incident happened in Avondale when he had a scuffle with another footballer for daring to have drinks with his woman and taking her child for swimming.

In anger, Tinashe beat up Mona at the swimming pool, drawing the attention of many.

In response to the incidence, Tinashe said, “A friend had called me saying he had seen the two together at Red Fox Hotel having drinks and then the incident at the swimming pool.

“I decided to follow and found them together hence the scuffle .

“Although we are not staying together at the moment, she is still my wife and we are still having sex often so I can’t let her do this to me,” said Tinashe.

Mona however said Tinashe is crazy claiming they separated last year.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do with Tinashe, He will always come and cause a scene every time he hears that I am in the company of another man.

“I am not even dating the footballer in question but had only asked him because he is my friend to give me a lift as I wanted to take my child for swimming.

“We separated in April 2015 but he still won’t accept it’s over,” said Mona.

Mona argues that Tinashe is in the habit of stalking her and causing chaos whenever he finds her in the company of a male friend.

Tinashe accepted that they were no longer staying together with Mona although insisting that she was still his wife.

“We are not staying together but she is my wife. We are in the process of reconciling so I wont accept seeing her with other men.

“She is my wife,” he argued.

When the footballer was contacted for his side of the story, he said:

“This lady is only a friend and I even told Tinashe that I was not dating her.

“She had only asked for a ride.”

We understan Mona has reported her Ex to the Police and could be arrested any moment from now.

more details soon…

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