Nigerian Media personality and entrepreneur, FADE OGUNRO launches: which is a website that is updated daily, showcasing exclusive footage from all her TV productions, you can watch every single music video, TV Commercial, documentaries and reality TV shows she has produced.  

Fade Ogunro reveals a brand new reality show on her website called ASSISTANT SEARCH, watch the first webisode exclusively on For the next 5 weeks, we watch as Fade Ogunro puts the top 5 applicants vying for the position to be her personal assistant through some gruelling tasks, from proof reading, to styling and treatment writing.

Fade Ogunro

On Dec 27th 2015, Fade Ogunro announced on radio and social media that she resigned from her popular radio show on The Beat 99.9FM. She’s quoted saying:

“It has been 5 years since I joined The Beat 99.9FM and I had some of the best memories of my life here.  Moving forward, I want to have an impact beyond my voice by creating more jobs within the African media. In order for me to do so, I must concentrate my efforts as an Executive Producer for my company, Film Factory Nigeria. I love being creative and I hope that my website will allow my fans appreciate the impact I have had behind the camera as a TV Producer and I hope they enjoy my brand new reality show ‘Assistant Search’.

Fades website

My website is a one stop to find out everything about me: From my love of fashion, my popular Snaps, exclusive pictures of my personal life, behind the scenes of all my TV Productions, everything about Fade Ogunro will be updated daily for my fans, friends and family. Keep up with my hectic schedule only on the savvy, fun and entertaining website:”


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