The smash and grab that got rampant in traffic last year, has been a major cause for concern. As the hustle and bustle of the year begins, getting stuck in traffic will be unavoidable.

The good news is – you don’t have to be a victim of smash and grab when you have smashprotect.


SL® automotive films brand of Security Films aka “smashprotect” is manufactured by HAVERKAMP in Germany. HAVERKAMP has been developing and producing innovative film technologies made in Germany for more than thirty years – it is a super premium product.


Smashprotect serves as a protective film that prevents shattering, when applied on the interior of windows. In the event of an attacker breaking the car window, the pane is held in the frame by the film and the danger of airborne glass splinters and the risk of direct injury is highly minimized. Access to the vehicle is also eliminated.


The surface is scratch resistant, its transparency makes it inconspicuous and the product comes with a 10 year warranty.


It costs only 20,000 Naira (inclusive of professional installation for 4 windows).

Use only the best – Order and be protected by smashprotect, today!


Smashprotect is marketed and distributed in Nigeria by CBC Surveillance Limited, a subsidiary of the CBC Group.

Place your order now at www.smashprotect.com and get a 10% discount. Alternatively you can send an email to order@smashprotect.com or call 08158608634.


Have a smash and grab free year!

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