Looks Like Dj Khaled’s Influence Might Bring Kim Kardashian to SnapChat

Kim Kardashian already has the major keys, she has a website, an app, a mobile game, a personalized emoji keyboard, and a reality show. It looks like “they” can’t stop her…

One thing we know Kim doesn’t have is a snapchat account, totally unlike her younger sister, Kylie Jenner who spends what seems like all her waking hours chronicling her fab life in snaps…

Kim announced the news while hanging out with DJ Khaled who is currently on tour in Los Angeles, which seems like a pretty good choice given his relationship with Snapchat. Lest you forget, Khaled used the social media services to chronicle that one awkward time he got lost at sea on a jet ski with only his phone to guide him. He’s basically a Snapchat legend, and his seal of approval is encouraging.

Fingers crossed that Kim’s snaps document the inner workings of Kanye West’s mind, because we have so many questions.

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