Saudi Led Coalition Will End Ceasefire In Yemen

The Saudi led coalition has announced that it will no longer observe the ceasefire agreed on by conflicting parties in Yemen.

The ceasefire began in December 15 as the United Nations brokered peace talks in order to ensure peace in war torn Yemen.
However reports indicate that both parties have largely ignored the ceasefire.

The Saudi led coalition entered the conflict in March 2015 to prevent the Houthis from taking over Yemen’s government. The coalition has been bombing the Houthi rebels in air raids for nine months.

The Saudi coalition said in a statement, “The leadership of the coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen announces the end of the truce in Yemen beginning at 1400 (1100 GMT) on Saturday”

“The coalition has been and still is keen to create the right conditions to find a peaceful solution,” The statement went on to say

However the ceasefire could not be maintained because of “the continuation of the Houthi militias and Saleh forces in violating it.”

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