Two Air Force Cadets Arrested By Governor Ambode’s Convoy For Locking A Man In Car Trunk

The convoy of Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode arrested two Air Force Cadets in Lagos yesterday.

The two cadets have been identified Peters O. Solomon and Abdullahi Fahad. They reportedly locked a man identified as Dahiru Lawal in a car trunk in the Mile 12 area of Lagos after he broke the windscreen of their car.


Peters Solomon said, : “What happened is that the boy broke the windscreen in front of my car. When I stopped, I asked him to come, the boy ran away. We have to drag him back and put him in the boot.

“I kind of threatened his boss that he is working with and when his boss came and looked at what he did to me, that was when I put him inside the boot for the remaining ones to go and call the boss. Not that I locked the boot, I only put him inside, but I did not lock it”


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