The Internet is Going Crazy Over This Girl That Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian (Photos)

When 20-year-old fashion blogger Kamilla Osman takes a selfie, she’s not just following in Kim Kardashian‘s footsteps (or Instagrams), but she’s also seeing the famed reality star reflected back at her.

Kamilla, who is also a designer from Azerbaijan, now lives in Toronto, Canada, has been compared to 35-year old Kim K for years. Osman insists that she hasn’t had anything drastic done to alter her appearance.

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She says,

“I personally do not see that much resemblance with Kim Kardashian in myself. I believe it is the long dark hair, almond eyes and olive skin tone, skinny face which makes us alike. But I first started getting comments on it when I was 15 years old”

“At first I found it very weird and I felt kind of embarrassed, but I have learned to deal with it, I have learned to embrace it. I can’t help it. So, I always stay true to myself, I am my own person and never to get lost in all that. Kim is such a gorgeous woman, so I am honored to be told that we look alike. It is such a big compliment.”

“A lot of girls and celebrities contour, waist train, diet or exercise. So I wouldn’t say I “follow Kim Kardashian,” but I do certainly do all those things to keep myself fresh at all times. I do have a healthy diet, have a personal trainer, waist train and contour.”


| new season x (side note: it the highlighter on my nose) ???

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Kamilla also developed a robust social media following  (in just 11 weeks on Instagram she’s racked up over 100,000 followers on Instagram) with Kim-style adorers and haters to boot.

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Source: Marie Claire

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