Imo State’s 100 Million Naira Christmas Tree

If like me you’ve been staring at this famous Christmas tree trying to fathom how it’s this expensive, welcome to the party!

Probably feeling the festivities more than any other state in Nigeria (seeing as Santa Claus’s Umunna is in Imo), Rocha’s Okorocha decided to spend 100 million cool ones on Christmas tree and decorations.

The brave decision to buy a Christmas tree rather than pay Imo state workers their salaries (which haven’t been paid in four months) must be commended.

It is not often we see a leader take Christmas so seriously, this is the change we voted for!

The tree will dispense hampers to any Imo state citizen who simply touches any of it’s branches.


In fairness, the tree is probably a symbol of many things; unpaid salaries, the state’s debt profile and the tummy of the goverr..let’s just complete that in our minds.

Merry Christmas people! Use that tree as a point of contact for your finances.

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