CHOCOLATE AND ME: The Party of The Year Where Chocolate NEVER Runs Out!!!

Are you tired of the same old routine of going to a party and just standing in the corner? Where a red plastic cup is thrust in your hand and the DJ is dozing at his stand? Where there is literally nothing to do?

Have no fears as Chocparty is back this December with the biggest chocolate party to ever hit Ibadan! EVER! Chocparty2015 has been rightly tagged “Chocolate & Me” as there is no separating you and chocolate at this exciting event.


The Chocboy brand is dedicated to celebrating the holidays by delivering quality chocolate experiences to each and every guest at the party. Every individual is engaged in more ways than one through exciting and fun filled games and activities which include but are not limited to The Adult Zone, Life sized games (draught, chess, ludo), Twister, Snooker, Hopscotch(suwe), Karaoke, Dance off, Charades, Console games, Treasure hunt, P-setting Zone, and this year’s newest addition: THE KISSING BOOTH

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