#TBT: The Last Time Iraq Had A Representative at the Miss World

While some countries (no shades, people) were busy lamenting the state of the queen’s dress and make up… Some haven’t had the opportunity to even show off at the World’s most renowned pageant – The Miss World.

The last Time Iraq had a representative at the Miss World was 1972 and since then they haven’t held a local competition to determine who the next Miss Iraq would be… Here’s a photo from that time…


Wijdan Sulyman was crowned Iraq Maiden of beauty in 1972. She was the first Iraqi Pageant winner to participate in Miss Universe.

Due to decades of conflict, the pageant had been put off countless times and was almost, impossible even for the contestants to throw off altogether. Some contestants even dropped out this year after hearing the threats by the extremist terrorist group, ISIS.

Shaima Qassem Abdulrahman is a 20-year old student who rose out of over 200 contestants, to become the Country’s latest beauty Queen

Here’s a picture of the latest pageant:

miss iraq 2

And the two beauty queens:

Miss iraq

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