Sekinah shoe gallery presents “A Tale of Shoe Whisperers” featuring Moet Abebe

Shoes are like little personalities waiting to be put on, and like relationships, having your feet wear the right pair can almost be likened to building a good life with the right partner.

Sekinah Shoe Gallery is Introducing its interesting range of affordable luxury feet stunners to the fashion and style community laying emphasis on the open yet secret romance that ensues between Her Feet and Her Shoes. Preaching style, comfort, essence on how owning and punctuating a look with the perfect shoes, bags and cluthes can craft a whole new image without doing too much.



Models: Moet Abebe (@moetabebe), Idy Essien (@_haidee)

Makeup and hair: Wale Sokan (@beautybyAde)

Styling/ Creative Direction: Adedeji Abidemi (@styledbybie)


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