Housewives and Girlfriends TV Series Showing On African Magic Urban Channel 153

Housewives and Girlfriends
Housewives & Girlfriends is a 30 minutes drama with comical undertone set in UK which is created and produced by Rhoda Wilson.
Directed by Nelson Spyk. The drama takes a searching look at the tangled web that is woven by the dramas main protagonists through the prism of money, culture, ambition, love, passion and jealousy. Housewives & Girlfriends is one of the most expensive TV series filmed in the UK by Nollywood UK. Season 1 had 62 cast which is pretty much everyone in Nollywood UK. It is also the first TV series made by Nollywood UK that was acquired international broadcast; African Magic.
The series filming locations included some of the iconic sites in the UK from London, Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle of Wight.
Twitter handle is @HWGFTV

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