How Does My Bleaching Affect Your Life? Dayo Amusa Blast Critics

Yoruba actress cum singer, Dayo Amusa has slammed critics that her decisions to do anything with her body or life is her personal problem and not anyone’s.

The ace actress commenting on the not so good feedbacks she has been getting since the release of her songs – and recently her version of Adele’s Hello she maintained that, she can live it just the way she wants.

I know I get negative comments from people on social media but the truth is that I cannot stop them from airing their opinions. They have every right to their opinion and I don’t care about what they think about me.

‘When people say that I bleach my skin, all I say to them is that it is my life. I cannot crucify people over their opinion. As far as I can wake up in the morning, do what I want to do and get the attention of people from it, I am very okay,’ Amusa told to Punch Newspaper.

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