Burundi Rejects AU Intervention

Burundi’s terse political situation continues as the country looks increasingly set to descend into a civil war.

Violence in Bujumbura last week led to the death of 87 people as thousands of citizens are beginning to flee.

Much of the violence has its roots in President Pierre Nkurunziza’s illegal decision to run for a third term.
Although opposition parties boycotted the elections, Pierre Nkurunziza was reelected virtually unopposed.

A UN resolution condemning the violence that has followed the election has done nothing to end the violence.

The African Union took a decision earlier in the week to send 5,000 peacekeepers to protect the civilian population.

On Friday, the AU agreed to send in African Prevention and Protection Mission without waiting for Burundi’s permission.

However, a government spokesman said yesterday that Burundi does not welcome the intervention of the African Union.
He also stated that any AU efforts to enter Burundi’s territory will be viewed as an attack.

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