Rwandan Referendum Could Make Kagame Africa’s Next “President For Life”

Following a decision by Rwanda’s parliament to abolish tenure limits, a referendum is scheduled to hold tomorrow in the final process to ensure a constitutional amendment.

Rwanda’s sole opposition party, the Democratic Green movement went to court to challenge the legality of the constitutional amendment.

The court ruled in favor of the Parliament and this means that if the referendum is in favor of the amendment tomorrow, President Paul Kagame might run again.

Kagame’s second term is due to end this year but the constitutional amendment means he’ll almost certainly run again.

Kagame has ruled Rwanda since 1994 and has become notorious for his high handed methods. He has been accused severally of being complicit in the death and disappearance of opposition figures.

The referendum tomorrow will likely pave the way for Kagame to consolidate his grip on power and become Africa’s latest “President for life”.

Rwanda’s current situation is remniscient of the situation in Burundi where Nkurunziza defied constitutional limits to run for a third term.

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