Grand Jury Indictment For White Cop Who Shot Black Teen In Chicago

The release of the dashcam video in the case of the shoooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald opened the door for legal proceedings.

Despite allegations that the Chicago Police force had actively tried to prevent the dashcam video from being released, a judicial order last month made the video public.

A burger king outlet alleged that Policemen had wiped their CCTV records in another attempt at a cover up.

The dashcam video showes that Laquan Mcdonald, standing several feet from the officer and holding a three inch knife did not constitute an immediate threat.

With about seven police officers on the scene and none resorting to violence, the arrival of Officer Van Dyke quickly changed that.
Barely 2 minutes after arriving on the scene, Officer Jason Van Dyke shot Laquan 16 times.

A year after the incidence, he was finally charged with first degree murder.

A grand jury has issued an indictment on Van Dyke on six counts of first degree murder and official misconduct.

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