OSGFashion Focus: 6 Ways to Go Mellow in Yellow

Yes, it’s that time of the week again when we turn the spotlight to some fashion item or trend or icon… We hope you’ve been taking serious notes…

This week the focus is going to be on Yellow (try reading that the way Falzthebahdguy would) and how to take it from being too loud especially for the those who don’t like too much attention to being mellow and cool.

Try Mustard

This is one shade of yellow that I absolutely love, suits almost any skin tone and as a dress or pant sut, you can attain absolute perfection


Opt for a yellow pattern

Instead of just straight yellow you could just pick out a skirt or pants with yellow patterns instead.

How to wear yellow 3 olorisupergal

Yellow, white and Black

If you have a particular yellow shoe or bag and can’t seem to find a way to pair it right, serve it as a dollop of colour in that otherwise bland monochrome outfit.

stephanie coker

White and Yellow

This gives any outfit a crisp and cool finish…

How to wear yellow 1 olorisupergal

Match Your Bag and Shoes

As pictured here, denim on denim could go from normal to exciting with yellow….

How to wear yellow 2 olorisupergal

Wear Yellow on Yellow

This is not for the fainthearted, I must say. This would work if and only if, one of the yellow shades is darker than the other.

How to wear yellow 5 olorisupergal

How do you style your yellow fashion items? Let me know…

Photo credit; Pinterest – yellow


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