Gulder Ultimate Search star and top fitness model Uche Odikanwa loses Dad

He shared the below short tribute to his Dad on his Instagram page: @ucheblacknight.

He has Overcome. He has finished the race. My dad has passed on!

Deep in my heart, accepting this loss is one of my most difficult challenges right now. I try to resist what has happened, but it’s so hard for me to move beyond it and let go. I am shocked with grief but I am consoled by the assurance that you are resting in the bosom of the Lord with no more pains on that leg of yours.
I am very proud to call you my FATHER, the greatest man I ever knew. You BELIEVED in me, the greatest gift any father could give his son, and I am so thankful for the years God graciously gave me with you and for the knowledge that one day, because we serve the same Lord, I’ll see you again in a place where nothing is ever broken. 

May God rest YOU in peace Papa!


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