Adele Faces Plagiarism Accusations From Turkish Fans; Listen To Audio Evidence

Record breaking singer Adele has been accused again of plagiarism after angry fans of kurdish singer, Ahmet Kaya claimed that ‘Million Years ago‘ by the British born singer sounds just like ‘Acilara Tutunmak‘, a song released some years ago by the late turkish singer.

Adele has been dogged with allegations of plagiarism ever since new album 25 was released.

Now she has been accused of copying a track by a famous Kurdish singer.

Angry fans on twitter have called the British superstar a “thief” and a “bi***.”

Million Years Ago is a heartbreaking guitar-led acoustric ballad which many believe sounds very similar to Ahmet Kaya’s track Acilara Tutunmak.

“If she consciously did it, then it would be theft,” says Kaya’s widow

The vocals are clearly very different but both songs have a plaintive, torch-song element to their delivery.

More controversially, both ballads seem to share an emotional chord progression that is developed on the guitar track on each song.

“Both songs are quite alike in having a cheesy progression, to be honest,” tweeted one fan.

“Adele plagiarism of Ahmet Kaya song is not only plagiarism from Western music of Eastern music. Eastern music is superior to Western music!” tweeted another.

The controversy has already been splashed across the Turkish press.


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