Photos From Royal Fashion Show At The 51st coronation of the Ooni of Ife

The coronation of the 51st Ooni of Ife has come and gone but the ife community will not forget anytime soon the great memories of the  8 days long event.

Day five (5) was the Royal Fashion Show, a showcase aimed at reminding the people of the ancient culture and tradition of Ile Ife with an infusion of the modern lifestyle.  Africa Fashion Week London/Africa Fashion Week Nigeria, the organisers of the Biggest Africa fashion event in Europe and Nigeria were the initiator of this event and we saw them teaming up with BlackNBold Fashion House, the founders of the Biggest student fashion week in Africa; Nigerian Student Fashion And Design Week  to stage this memorable event which had nine (9) Ife based designers and over 2000 guests in attendance.

Theresa Reebs

The fashion show started around 4:00pm with Mariama Blac an undergraduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University opening the show with her Moremi Collection” which was inspired by the lifestyle of Moremi and it revealed the various notable stages of her life. Other designers were Mo’rete Creations  showcasing the “Osara Collection”, this collection was inspired by Osara’s life experiences as the wife of Oduduwa. Theresa Reebs showcased the  “Olokun Collection” which was inspired by the personality of the Yoruba deity Olokun. Da_mask  a fast growing fashion brand in Ile ife popularly known for his adire inspired designs showcased the “Igbeyawo Collection”, this was inspired by the way the ife people dress during wedding ceremonies. TNT showcased the “Classy Ife Woman” which was inspired by the boldness, intelligence and class of Moremi. Studio TT showcased the “Urban Collection” which was inspired by the ancient ife fabrics which she used in making modern outfits. Classy Clothing unveiled the “Fila Collection” which was inspired by the various kinds of Fila worn by the Ife people. Lade Adisa showcased the “Ileke Collection” which received alot of applause, this showcase was inspired by the various beads used in Ile Ife. Lord Mayor closed the show with the “Igbeyawo Collection” her showcase was inspired by the different colours of Daviva fabrics. Lord Mayor’s fabrics was sponsored by Daviva.

Princess Ronke Ademiluyi &amp_amp_ Engr Toye Adedini. Chairman of coronation ent. committee Princess Folashade Ogunwusi Fadairo Mo'rete Creations Lade Adisa Classy Clothing - Copy Mariama Blac more guests Da'mask - Copy

The show ended with a closing remark from Princess Aderonke Ademiluyi (Founder of the Royal Fashion Show and  Engr Toye Adedini (Chairman of the coronation entertainment committee)

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