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Idris Elba Shows Off Hot Body on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine

Movie star, Idris Elba is dedicated to working out, which he says keeps his life together in the December cover of Men’s Health.
“When I’m fit, I’m more focused,” Elba, 43, says. “I have greater patience and my temper is more stable, so I’m better in almost all my relationships. I’m more vigilant about the s— I put up with. I see clearer. When I’m out of shape, I’m emotionally lazy.”


According to the ‘Beast of No Nation’ actor, getting and staying fit helps him juggle his lead role in the TV show Luther with filming multiple movies. Not to mention balancing his home life, son Winson, 1, with girlfriend Naiyana Garth.

But you won’t see him running a half-marathon anytime soon. Elba says he prefers more of a strength-based workout, like kickboxing.

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