Easy Riders Motorcycle Club celebrates its charity day and hosts Christmas Party for members and friends

It was all fun and excitement this past weekend as members of the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club took out time to celebrate their annual charity day which was followed by their Christmas party.

On Saturday, the bikers trooped out to the Beth Torrey Home for the mentally challenged in Festac to spend time with the children and workers as well as donate some food items. The visit was followed by a Christmas party at the Juvenile Center of The Alakara Police Station where over forty kids were treated to a jolly time. The Easy Riders Motorcycle Club also refurbished the center’s bus which had been abandoned for over two years.
The next day, friends and family of the bikers convened at the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club House in Agidingbi to celebrate a warm and fun filled year. The atmosphere was charged and exciting as there was loads of activities for every one present.
 Abiola and Ogbuefi An Easy Rider kid gets his face painted
Easy Riders Motorcycle Club was founded in 2008 and currently has about sixty members. The club’s vision is to foster and develop dedicated and disciplined motorcycle riders committed to improving themselves and their community while promoting motorcycle safety at all times.

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