US Envoy Says Burundi Is On The Cusp Of Another Civil War

Burundi has tethered on the edge and has looked more than likely to return to yet another civil war.

Since President Pierre Nkurunziza forced an unconstitutional third term in April, violence has broken out in Burundi.

The government has also contributed to the tension in Burundi by attempting to stamp out illegal weapons with the use of absolutist language.

Burundi is no stranger to civil wars, having been through a 12 year civil war a decade ago.

US Envoy, Thomas Perriello said yesterday that Burundi is “facing a real possibility of civil war,” though there is still “a window, no matter how small, to get a peace process going.”

“The most urgent thing is a regionally-mediated dialogue that will deal with the crisis itself,”

Burundi seems to be doomed to be another Rwanda, with much of the world idly standing by as the situation worsens.

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