MOJI OLAIYA: “I Dedicate My Award To Our Great Future Leaders Nigeria Youths“

Have you done anything worth Awards this year? Beautiful actress, Moji Olaiya was given a recognition award by the officers of the Nigeria Police Force for playing a role in the life of youths. see what she said when she recieved the award “I will always be grateful to u Allah. I got another Recognition award as a role model to Nigeria youths at force headquarters in Abuja complement of the inspector General of police Federal republic of Nigeria.

“Thank u so much. I dedicate my award to our great future leaders nigeria youths . I also promise not to let u down, I will always supports the police force and let our society know that police is our friend. To all our youths Say No to Cultisim, Say No to Kidnapping, Say No Terrorism, Say No to drug abuse. God bless our Youths and God bless Nigeria” she wrote on Instagram.

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