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OSG 12 Day Xmas Giveaway – Day 2

Our twelve days of Christmas cheer and goodness kicked off yesterday. Like last year, our commitment to giving back to you for a year of having our back will last for twelve days!

Movie tickets, airtime, Consat decoders, gift bags and shopping vouchers are just some of the gifts you can win in this year’s giveaway.

The Naturalistas will have their day too with a stunning offer of services and products from the O’Naturals beauty place.

It doesn’t get better than this fellas!

Our question for day 1 was “who was the first recipient of the Bank of Industry Nollywood fund?”

The first correct answer was provided by Emmy Attah. Today Is a new day and it comes with a new chance to win something.

All you have to do to win a CONSAT decoder and a gift bag today is answer this ridiculously simple question.

“A woman dressed in all black is walking down a lonely road. Suddenly, a black SUV without its headlights on speeds around the corner and screeeches to a halt, barely avoiding hitting her.
How did the car know where she was?”

Remember, first correct answer wins. Be sure to provide your contact details too!

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