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Celebrity Quote: R&B singer Tyrese inspires us with “Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt”

R&B singer, Tyrese inspires us with “Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt” quote.

The actor says, 

Pride and Ego are the #1 career and relationship killers… Uninspired people with no dreams and goals have created new concepts to try and discourage you and or talk you OUT of your dreams – using words like “Thirsty” or “groupie” or “money hungry” or asking “why are you sweating him/her”… to talk you OUT of implementing your #Visions aka your hunt for success… A dream and a vision has NO value without the execution of that very DREAM and or that VISION!! Hello my name is #TyreseGibson I am not motivated by money cause In my mind I already believe that I’m a multi billionaire multi media MOGUL in the making. I’m the Chairman and my company is called #VoltronEnterprises aka #VoltronEntertainment I’m asking you ALL to stay encouraged cause your success comes down to a lot of different variables. It’s about your inner will power, tolerance, and understanding timing and Gods ordained orders! My hearts desire is to seek and I will FIND my partners, investors and continue to surround myself with people who truly believe in me, I recently joined CAA with some of the most creative and shape minds in the world and I already feel an overall re-spark and energy over my intentions. I’ve never been afraid of the “unfamiliar” but I’m smart enough to surround myself with people that are very “familiar” with significant deals and have amazing relationships to close and help broker deals and initiate new partnerships on very high levels. In the end I ONLY have one TYRESE yup that’s all I have 1 , pyramid, and GEM and that’s me. Because I only get one shot at this life and career I refuse to let anyone of anything compromise my DESTINY- ?Those who have tried were unapologetically removed.?#VoltronKing #VoltronChairman#VoltronStudios #VoltronEntertainment – to God be the GLORY over these BOLD and specific dreams and visions he continue to send! I didn’t get this far in my life and career lacking determination.?I will get there… In my mind there’s no other choice.. Not an A-Listers… That’s not my interest.. I’m in my #MogulMindstate – everyone wants to go to heaven but most aren’t willing to DIE to get there… Chairman CEO -Tyrese Gibson.”

Wow! Are you inspired by his quote?

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