The Man We Are: Paying For Younger Yesterdays

Yesterday? Does it matter? So will many say especially the male folks. Women have their bits of the sins of yesterdays but this is not about them, but mostly against them.

Some men can mostly brag that they have never wronged a woman in their younger years, while others will only have the sin of not being able to count the number of ladies they have wronged in the name of using and dumping.

As if that is the only sin in the youthful days of a man, but it isn’t. The major sins of every young man are decisions and indecisions. You either decide to do the wrong thing or nurse delays in choosing to do the right things.

Life has side effects. You either live or die. Everything has side effects even starving. As a young person of about 18 years, we often feel wild and free, tasting and seeing everything we can reach, but somewhere in another part of the world, our mates are dying, others are getting married, some are unveiling life changing inventions and others are working out means to make money from our lousiness.

Let’s look at the younger days as when we have nothing to lose; when we are free to try this and that to see where our passions will drive us to. Because in our teens, most of us are usually students, we have time to think, create and invent but we don’t do these things.  We rather invent lines to woo girls; party concepts that will beat the one of the previous week and in these things we do, time is passing; irreplaceable time.

And the women

It’s okay if we see ourselves as highly electro-negative. It’s okay if we have an irresistible affinity for girls but the, it will be better if we have high affinity for success.

With every tick on the clock, we hear a sound that will never come again and even though the next tick is similar to that, but their times will never be the same.

Taking on girls as if you will be given an award afterwards is always a waste of time. Maybe you are working towards a project that will make you lose count of the number of women you have slept with at the age of 25. The truth still remains that someday, it will all come back to us.

Some people cheat today because they cannot stick to a woman. This is just a habit they formed at a tender age; maybe before they clocked 20. It is always good to taste everything because you are free to, but when you remember Adam and Eve, you will understand that even in the midst of plenty, there is always something you are not permitted to eat. Guys it is women for us.

Decisions and indecisions

Have you ever heard of someone who was described as the most brilliant in the class but at the age of 50, he has nothing to show for it. He is probably the village drunkard you see in every burial and traditional wedding ceremony.

I don’t want to throw blames because we will say that success comes from God, but then, we still have our moves to make.

If Abraham had gone the other direction, maybe God would have used someone else to raise Israel and the story would be very different from what we have today. Even when God wants to save a man, he leaves him at the mercy of himself. That is the point when you choose what to do.

There are people lying in their bedrooms today with ideas that could have changed the world. Others are sadly in their graves with it because they were too afraid to let their lights shine.

Every idea is worth every try we make and one thing certain is that a million dollar idea in 2015 might be a trash idea in 2030. And that will be when you will be somewhere, wondering why you have not unleashed them to them world. By then, you must have tasted failure and will come to understand that it is not too bad. You will understand that failure is the flavor of success and wish that could have done better.

How we pay

A meme says: “when you look back to see the type of girls you have spent your money on instead of sending them home to your mother, you will know that witchcraft is real”. This is simply how we pay for the mistakes of the younger years.

We spend a lot of time regretting things we did and things we should have done. In most cases we forget there is still another page in the life we still have to live and instead of concentrating on the future which could still be bright, we try to go back to past to make changes.

This is a waste of time my brother. See it as a football match, when you lose it, you can only win in the next game. Just wait for it, plan for it and work to win it.

We must learn to beat time, especially in our younger years, it is the man we are.


Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, [email protected] 

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