Charles Novia Slams Nigerian Singers On Proliferating ‘Hello’ Covers [READ]

As if we are the only ones that noticing the excessive release of wave making Adele single, ‘Hello’ by Nigerian artiste. as we speak, we’ve had more than ten different version of cover leaving one to wonder what if she hadn’t sang the song. Wouldn’t Nigeria artistes sing again?

Controversial writer and movie producer, Charles Novia has gave his opinion on the ‘Hello’ madness ravaging Nigerian music stars.

Omawumi first released her reggae cover of Adele’s new single, ‘Hello’, and many agreed it was amazing as she almost stole the British singer’s shine. Even Sean Tizzle confirmed it on Twitter that her version was better than the original one. A comment that earned him fans backlash.

Omawunmi’s rendition inspired other Nigerian singers especially after she received many applauds, and they all started releasing their covers as if it will earn the Grammys.

Singer, Praiz’s version was wonderful, Choc city singer, Ruby Gyang followed, and next was Sojay, Niyola, Diwari, Yemi Sax; the list goes on and on.

Noni crooner, Samklef‘s version was even deleted by Youtube for obvious copyright infringement. But, haven’t they overdone this one song?

The movie producer took to his Instagram and blasted Nigerian singers especially E.M.E star, Niyola for her auto-tune and Yoruba actress, Dayo Amusa, he described her version as ‘Cacophoney of a cover’.

He wrote,  “Suddenly, it’s Adele’s virus which seems to have infected our Naija artistes! Some of the most outrageous covers of that ‘Hello’ song ( which I don’t really see what the craze for it is in my opinion) have come out of Naija.

From the appreciable to the average and to the mundane! Who asked Niyola to autotune that song o? Chai! Who the blazes advised Dayo Amusa to release that cacophony of a cover? Who…who….! Abeg, I nor fit shout.

Could you guys just allow us at least try to have a Merry Christmas as if the biting fuel scarcity and “winchi” economy in Naija is not enough. God rest those souls who jumped from 3rd mainland bridge ( as a comedian said) upon hearing yet another cover version. Una doooh!”

You heard him, folks…E don do!

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