3 Reasons Why We Love Coke Studio Africa

Here’s why we think Coke Studio Africa is one of the best music shows on the entire continent:

1. Happiness

Coca-Cola has always represented happiness and bringing people together and this show celebrates the diversity of African music by bringing together artistes from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique to make Africa’s biggest music mash ups.

2. A Diverse Crew

The studio crew is in itself a cocktail of diversity. Viewing the final product and celebrate the artistes, leaves many of us without the knowledge tha there are at least one hundred people involved in the background. Trust me it takes a village and a half. And very often the spotlight will not shine on them.

coke studio

3. The Lovely BGV Ladies

As I watched the artistes perform each week I noticed that the music was not as enticing without the background vocalists, and their sweet melody. Mayonde, Ivlyn and Trina are also performing solo artistes. Think about how hard the girls have to work. They have to learn and perfect more than 54 songs recorded throughout the whole season! However, we all know that building a career especially in the music and art industry takes a lot of time and perserverance due to its dynamic nature.


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