Will Adele’s “25” Become The Highest Selling Record For Years To Come?

From the moment Adele dropped the tear inducing single “Hello”, we all had the sense that a great album was coming.

The single had record downloads as news of the album filtered in. If anything, Adele’s previous album ” 21″ established Adele as a bankable artist.

Adele’s new album “25” crossed the 2 million sales mark yesterday in just two days, selling 2.43 million records to surpass a record previously held by NSYNC for selling 2.42 million in 2000.

NSYNC have held the record since 2000 for their album “No strings attached”.

Only a few albums have managed to cross the million sales mark in the past year. Taylor Swift’s ” 1989″, Drake’s “If you’re reading this, it’s too late” are just among the few.

If Adele’s album continues with the present momentum, it will undoubtedly set a sales record which will remain the standard for years to come.

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