Chicago Police Release Video Showing How A 17 Year Old Was Shot By An Officer

In yet another police shooting laced with a tinge of racism, Chicago Police have released jarring video evidence today.

The video released by Chicago Police shows a white Police officer shooting an unarmed black teenager 16 times.

The officer has been identified as Jason Van Dyke and he has been charged with first degree murder for killing Laquan McDonald.

Hundreds of demonstrators marched today in Chicago to protest in scenes reminiscent of Ferguson, Missouri.

Officer Van Dyke claims that Laquan McDonald was holding onto a knife and refused to drop it.

Although the incident took place a year ago, it has taken very long to get the Chicago Police department to release dash can footage. Several people have alleged an attempted cover up by Chicago Police.

The dash cam video shows that although Officer Van Dyke was not the first officer on the scene, it took him less than 30 seconds after his arrival to begin shooting.

Eight police officers were on the scene before Officer Van Dyke but none had fired a weapon.

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