Inventor Of The Infamous “Clock”, Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Seek $15 Million Compensation From Texas

14 year old Ahmed Mohammed became an internet sensation in the strangest way you can imagine. The high school student invented a clock which he took to school and his teacher unfortunately mistook for a bomb.

The teacher promptly called the police and Ahmed was soon under arrest for bringing a clock to school.

The backlash that followed as well as the efforts to make amends was commendable as Ahmed received apologies from even the U.S President.

He was invited by Zuckerberg to the Facebook corporate headquarters and enjoyed a dizzying fifteen minutes of fame.

The highpoint of his fame was the #IStandWithAhmed hash tag which quickly became a trending topic all over the world.

Ahmed Mohamed is back in the news after his family and their attorney decided that fifteen minutes of fame wasn’t quite enough.

His family is seeking $15 million from Texas city for violations of Ahmed’s civil rights.

An excerpt from his attorney’s letter reads;

“They tried to push responsibility off on the victim — Ahmed. They have even implied publicly that what has come of this has been good for Ahmed, as though the resilience of this fine boy and his fine family somehow excused what they did,”

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