Hollande Visits America For Talks On Fighting ISIS

French President, Francois Hollande is in Washington today as he seeks American cooperation as France fights terrorism.

France came under a terror attack two weeks ago and has responded with a full frontal attack against ISIS.

Thw French Parliament has voted to extend a state of emergency to three months as Hollande is treating the attacks as a “declaration of war”.

Speaking at a joint press conference with American President Barrack Obama today, Hollande said “we need a joint response, France and the United states represent a joint response”.

“We therefore decided to broaden the scope and our intelligent sharing regarding the targets. The priority is to take back key locations.”

France has carried out airstrikes in the ISIS declared Capital in Raqqa, Syria.
Hollande has also called for the Turkey-Syria to be closed as part of the efforts to stem the movement of ISIS fighters.

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