Biola Alabi, Adenike Ogunlesi, Tori Abiola Others At The UN Women Entrepreneurship Day

On the 19th of November 2015, hundreds of women gathered at the Landmark Event Centre to celebrate the second edition of the United Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED). 

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a worldwide movement that carries throughout the year in support of female entrepreneurs on every continent. The defining goal is to empower women and their businesses, as well as gather a think tank of women leaders, which will ultimately create an amplified merged message to expand businesses with social good initiatives in communities locally and globally.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was steered by Tori Abiola, the Nigerian Ambassador for WED the UN-Foundation backed initiative for women entrepreneurs.

The WED celebration kicked off with an inspirational brunch with the theme: Winning As a Female Entrepreneur. The participants of the Day received excellent insight on the importance of female entrepreneurship in Nigeria, and real life lessons on overcoming obstacles faced by female entrepreneurs.

We were delighted to have Mrs Adenike Ogunlesi – CEO Ruff’n’Tumble as our keynote speaker, and privileged to have a host of brilliant panelists such as  Biola Alabi – CEO Biola Alabi Media, Titi Ogunfere – CEO Essential Interiors; Director, IDEA Nigeria, Diana Jarmakani– Founder, Director P Inc Graphic Design House, Juliana Richards– Founder, Slim Girl shapewear. The Panel discussion was chaired and moderated by Jumoke Adenowo – Founder of AD Consulting, and the Event was compered by Kemi Ajumobi of Business Day.

biola alabi

Mrs Justyna Sitarska Managing Director, Sales Trainer Filigri Consulting Limited gave an insightful presentation on the Art of Selling for Entrepreneurs: Driving value in networking and relationship building.

The second segment of the day consisted of an Investment Master Class which was designed in the form of a workshop to provide female entrepreneurs with the fundamentals required to effectively negotiate transformative financial partnerships. The workshop helped entrepreneurs gain an understanding of how to leverage private capital in order to achieve their business goals.

The Feedback from participants of both sessions have been extremely positive. The attendees expressed great admiration for the quality and content of the activities to celebrate the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and the positive contributions made to their business.


Here are a few powerful quotes from the Women Entrepreneurship supporters across Nigeria this year;


TOJU FOYEH – I support women’s entrepreneurship day because it provides a platform to empower and enlighten women on the virtue  of ownership and protect women as leaders

ADRIANA DE LA CRUZ – I believe it is important to support women entrepreneurship in Nigeria because when empowered and given the opportunity, women ensure a more balanced and sustainable economic model that benefits society as a whole.

TEWA ONASANYA (MRS) – I believe it is important to support women entrepreneurship in Nigeria because women are the financial power house of any home or nation. Supporting women will not only empower them to be the best they can be, but will strengthen the home and the nation as a whole. This in turn will motivate other women to be the best version of themselves.

MADUEWESI OKE (MRS) – I believe it is important to support women entrepreneurship in Nigeria for the impartation and empowerment of the women folk. Every woman possesses a wealth of strength, virtue and value, allowing her to multitask and innovate for the greater good of her community and the world at large. My experience as a widow through the grace of God has made me a firm believer that every woman ought to have an independent source of income.

FUNKE SHONEKAN – I believe it is important to support women entrepreneurship in Nigeria because I believe women if given the same equal opportunities as men can be successful and can develop both local and global economies. I believe that we can earn and evaluate experiences from other inspirational and successful women who can become our business coaches and mentors to guide and equip us to fulfill our purpose.

ROLAKE AKINKUGBE – Women mean business. Supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs is probably one of the best inclusive growth strategies that any African government should adopt today. The ripple effect would be transformational.

NIMI AKINKUGBE – there are compelling reasons for women to be more aware, engaged, and actively involved in their finances. Building a business from scratch, operating and scaling it up demands careful financial management. When a woman is economically empowered, her family and her community are empowered. This is a practical solution to eliminating poverty and bridging the income inequality gap across the world – a key SDG.

TIYAN ALILE–  Success is often a result of collective effort and great success is often achieved by a collective group of women supporting each other

LAILA ST MATTHEW DANIEL– Women need to challenge themselves beyond the norm. An empowered woman is an asset to herself, her community and the nation.

MARCY DOLAPO ONI– I support women entrepreneurship in Nigeria because of the countless benefits: from fostering creativity to engendering empowerment.

OSARU ALILE– I believe it is important to support Women Entrepreneurship in Nigeria because Women face gender specific hurdles, we must be equipped with the knowledge & confidence to see bold ideas through!

AISHAT AUGIE KUTA– Supporting female entrepreneurs will not just affect how women see themselves in business but also how they see themselves across other areas of life. It will go a long way in leveling an already disadvantaged playing field in terms of what women have always thought was possible for themselves.

BIOLA ALABI-The African woman entrepreneur needs to evolve from traditional entrepreneurship roles of running small business to running and building global corporations; It is our collective duty to begin to equip and enable women with skills that makes such ambitions normal.BANKOLE CARDOSO– Every industry, every organization and every country needs diversity in thought and action. This is one reason I support female entrepreneurs.LESLIE OKOYE– I support Women Entrepreneurship in Nigeria because women are crucial to maintaining economic growth through economic diversity as they create profitable new ideas in industries other than oil and gas.

SEYI SHAY– I support Women Entrepreneurship in Nigeria because a woman’s productivity in every society cannot be under estimated, nations that have supported their women

and given them a platform have become world powers today. It is time for Nigeria to tap into this open secret so we can begin to thrive and prosper.

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