Will The Need For Increased Security See An End To The Schengen Area?

Europe’s Schengen area agreement looks to be the latest impending casualty as France and Belgium battle terrorism.

The Schengen Area is an agreement between 26 European countries allowing travel without passport or travel restriction at their shared borders.

The recent terror attacks in Paris last week which led to the death of 129 people has thrown focus on lax border controls as possible ease of access to terrorists.

The French Parliament has already put on hold the entrance of Syrian immigrants as pressure continues to build on European countries.

Belgium has admitted that abolishing the Schengen area agreement is already on the table as Belgium has been put on lockdown following security concerns.

One of the ringleaders of the Paris attack, Abdelhamid Abaoud was said to have entered Paris through Syria.

This definitely creates a difficult situation for Syrian refugees who have been seeking refuge in Europe.

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