Protests In Zimbabwe As The Winner Of “Mr Ugly” Contest Is Deemed Too Handsome

In what classifies as downright bizzare news, protests have broken out in Zimbabwe following the “Mr Ugly” competition.

The competition, which is the reverse of a beauty paegent, is held to pick the ugliest man in Zimbabwe. If you’d wonder why anyone would even want to win it, then you have another think coming.

This year’s winner of Mr Ugly competition, 42 year old Mison Sere has been criticized by four time Mr Ugly champion, William Masvinu , for being too handsome.

Masvinu said, “I am naturally ugly. He is not. He is ugly only when he opens his mouth,” referring to Sere’s missing front teeth.

Other contestants have accused Sere of cheating and using his “disability” to win the competition.

Zimbabwe’s Mr Ugly competition has a prize money of $500.

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