Seun Kuti – Black Lives Are Cheap In Africa

Seun Anikulapo Kuti shared a post on Instagram this morning to talk about Terrorists, Africa and Black lives. Read his post below;

If u are a Christian u are thinking like a European, if u are a Muslim u are thinking like an Arab. So you see them crying for Paris then shouting for Palestinians and it’s all understandable but some of us are concentrating on the war at ur doorsteps. #blackslivesarecheapinafrica.

Seun Kuti-2

We mourn all the deaths in Kano by the Arab minded Africans who have no love for the African itself. You see when the terrorist blow up Europe or America they do so because those countries have meddled in their politics and they shout down with imperialism as justification for violence. Now if u analyze the violence in Africa they say it openly , they are against western education and civilization for Africans.


This is a pseudo racist argument, basically saying we as Africans need to know nothing except the Koran and do as we are told. Africa is not an Arab land so if European imperialism is wrong in the Middle East what makes Arabic imperialism right in Africa? These ideologies don’t respect us , I implore anyone to pick up these books and see how easy it is to make it fit any agenda. We mourn the deaths in Kano even if we don’t know every name or face we recognize their spirit and humanity. We love u all till we meet again my brothers , we will avenge u all. #blacklivesarecheapinafrica

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