Between Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson 

Recently, there have been reports that Toyin Aimakhu has moved on from her failed marriage and has started seeing one Seun Egbegbe. According to close sources, the marriage failed because Adeniyi Johnson cheated on her.

Apparently, disturbed by the news, Adeniyi revealed to E24-7 that he would rather keep people guessing than being direct about his relationship status.

On if his marriage to Toyin has ended

“Ehen…I didn’t hear the news o. You’re just telling me for the first time. People can say whatever they want about my marriage; I don’t care. I don’t even grant interviews anymore about my marriage. When I got married, I didn’t come on the internet to announce it, and I don’t see any reason I should be talking about it now. Whatever happens in marriage stays in marriage.”

On the Ambiguity – are they or aren’t they?

“It has already fuelled speculations, and I’m enjoying the propaganda; people can keep saying whatever they like.”

Meanwhile, Adeniyi took to his instagram page and posted a cryptic message which many believe is aimed at her. He tells her not to repay his infidelity by doing the same things he did, instead he wants her to react with love. Read it below:  

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