Did Rivaldo just announce Zinedine Zidane as new Madrid coach?

There were plenty of rumours in the build-up to Real Madrid’s El Clasico clash with Barcelona that Rafa Benitez would lose his job with a defeat.

After 90 minutes, Real Madrid were not just beaten at The Bernabeu but completely humiliated by Barcelona. The Catalans were smashed 4-0 thanks to goals from Luis Suarez (2), Neymar and Andres Iniesta.

But, it was not just a big defeat, the manner of the loss was seriously embarrassing that the white hankies were out for Benitez. At half-time and at full time!
After the game, on Instagram, Rivaldo announced that Real Madrid have appointed Zinedine Zidane as their new coach.


This is in line with rumours pre match, but Rivaldo is so far the only “news source” reporting it says 101greatgoals.

Translation of Rivaldo’s Instagram is as follows: 

“Congratulations to all players of Barcelona, was were incredible at Real Madrid, looked like a 2 rings of training. Real Madrid already has a new coach in Zidane, I believe it’s time to give opportunity to him as did Barça with Guardiola and Luis Enrique.”
This is quite some call from Rivaldo, despite the fact the Brazilian is a Barcelona legend.

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