Sophisticated Hustler 2016’ collection

 Segun Johnson, a  young personal stylist and fashion consultant turned designer for Frontiers brand House of Style has made his debut with the ‘Sophisticated Hustler 2016’ collection.

The Sophisticated Hustler is a versatile  unisex collection dedicated to both ladies and gentlemen, who desire to create stylish,switchable,timeless and effortless but sophisticated looks for day and night.
The philosophy for the collection is simplicity, comfort and functionality as explained by Segun.
“People want clothes they can wear from their busy hours which I term’Hustling Hour’ to the night ‘Evening Dawn’ but still look and feel sophisticated for their events, parties or other occasions. From the exclusive choices of fabrics from silk satins, lace,chiffon and African prints/ankara, they are mixed,matched and paired properly for a sophisticated hustler who is smart stylish and fashionable with a sense of confidence.”
Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated HustlerDSC_4098 Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated HustlerDSC_4107 Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated HustlerDSC_4140 Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated HustlerDSC_4167
Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated HustlerDSC_4184 Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated HustlerDSC_4186 Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated HustlerDSC_4253 Fronteirsbrand -Sophiscated  HustlerIMG_20151109_085303
Photography: @Trans4maz
Make-up & hair styling: @variant_signature
Models: @keyisola

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