Funny African Pics Introduces Your New Funny Best Friend… Funny Africa.Com

It all started from an Instagram page, @funny_african_pictures. If you’re active on that social media app, and you’re a fan of memes, funny pictures, videos, it’s very likely you would have come across them before.

From full grown men who dress up as their African mothers, to more full grown men who dress as weave-loving Nigerian girls, to that guy who never experred it, they’ve had them all. But now there’s more – twice the number of funny pictures, memes, videos, and funny stories that will make you laugh till you can’t breathe!

Funny Africa Pics (2)

Introducing funnyafrica.com  

The Instagram page has now decided to give you more things to laugh (and cry) about with a website that will be the destination of all things funny on the continent, starting from Nigeria.

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For those days when everything goes wrong at work, when your boyfriend/girlfriend pisses you off, when your debtor customers all decide to put their phone on silent – this website will be that best friend you will need to make it all better, to make it go away, if only for a while.

Funny Africa Pics (5)


Funny Africa Pics (1)


You Will Laugh Out Loud. You Will Laugh Hard. You Will Laugh Long.

We dare you not to!

Go to www.funnyafrica.com now!


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