How Liz Awoliyi Pulled off this Style Moment (Photo)

There’s never a moment when Liz Awoliyi doesn’t look flawless—and that’s especially true when she steps out to the office or public engagement!

Since her return to the country, Liz has risen to the pinnacle of her career has Online Editor for Nigeria’s leading lifestyle magazine, Genevieve. Born with a charm and aura many men want in a woman, we understand this flawless beauty doesn’t have to do much to keep men on her trail. Well, that was before she said ‘YES’ to Tosin Oshin.

Earlier today, we spotted Liz at the global entrepreneurship conference in Lagos rocking this lovely monochrome outfit. 


And while it’s no question Liz looks fierce, we understand the media personality will be going on a well deserved vacation any moment from now.

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