Who’s Lying Here | Charlie Sheen’s Ex Reveals he NEVER Told her About his Status

As expected, Nollywood actor, Charlie Sheen revealed his HIV status today, but not all the stars Ex are finding it funny.
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According to Bree Olson, she blasted the 50 year-old Nollywood actor for keeping her in the dark about his status saying, “he’s flat out lying about telling all his partners he’s HIV positive.”
Bree was on the ‘Howard Stern Show’ and almost in tears as she reacted to Sheen’s revelation, and his claim that he’d been above board with everyone. 
Bree, an ex-porn star, says she was absolutely with Charlie when he was having “night sweats” and first diagnosed. Aside from concealing the truth from her, she also claims she and Charlie had unprotected sex, and when it was protected … he insisted on using lamb skin condoms, which offer less protection from STDs.
She later revealed that all her tests have been negative, but she’s pissed her name will forever be linked to HIV because of Sheen.

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