Russia Claims Sinai Plane Crash Was A Terrorist Attack

Weeks after a plane crash in Sinai, Egypt killed all the passengers on a St.Petersburg bound flight, Russian officials have broken their silence.

The terrorist organization, ISIL, claimed responsibility for the attack almost immediately, a claim which was quickly dismissed by the Egyptian government.

American and British officials also maintained that the plane crash was caused by a bomb which exploded in the hold of the aircraft.

The Russians appeared a lot more cautious in disclosing their opinions and immediately opened an investigation.

The Russian Federal Security Service Chief Alexander Bortnikov disclosed , “According to our experts, a homemade explosive device equivalent to 1 kilogram of TNT went off onboard, which caused the plane to break up in the air, which explains why the fuselage was scattered over such a large territory. I can certainly say that this was a terrorist act,”

The plane crash led to the death of 224 people and the Russian government has canceled all flights to Egypt.

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