Is Falz’s “Stories That Touch” Nigeria’s Album Of 2015 ?(A Review)

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to support your favorite Nigerian artists anymore. That was my first thought as I downloaded Falz’s “Stories That Touch” off Spinlet.


A lot has been said about the album since it dropped, and I think half the reason is because there haven’t been a lot of great Nigerian albums this year.

Before I answer the question of if this is Nigeria’s album this year, let’s take an in depth look at the 15 track album.

Falz has stayed in the news through hit singles like ” Karishika” as well as hilarious videos and that insane Peak Milk advert. Is Falz just a funny guy or a superb musician?

I suspect this was what his album set out to prove.

Track 1 – Kabiyesi ft Oyinkansola

Falz’s debut album also featured Oyinkansola on the opening song and they work so well ,it provides perhaps the best intro to a Nigerian album in a while.

“Kabiyesi to wo snapback/ kabiyesi to wo canvas”

The incredible beat helps the great song as they proclaim “Kabiyesi have come o”

This opening song gets a perfect score of 5/5 and is one of my favorite songs off the album. Did I mention the different drum sequences on the beat? Or the Oriki? Dope!

Track 2 – Soft Work

After an infectious opening track, Soft work seems like a song you want to do your slow “Shakiti bobo” dance to.

“We no dey struggle to collect best artist / first class no be by who collect extra sheet”

He takes time to remind us that he’s a lawyer too,”its the life we chose, could have been in the chambers/ no regrets, this one dey pay pass/ we get the drive,we get all the papers ”

My favorite part of this song is the less than subtle shot at Skibii,

“Even real talent still need promo/ you fit fake your own death and still no blow”

This soft song gets a 4/5 for its infectious nature and that Skibii diss

Track 3 – My People

I kept hearing Brymo’s “Eko” as this quasi Afrobeat song played. While its not a bad song, its not anywhere near the strongest song on the album”

Standou line from the song still remains, ” Olosho say na business, who dey check whether e pure/ Yahoo boy sef dey call himself entrepreneur ”

Once you get over how seemingly familiar the song is, its fun how he takes you on a musical journey through Nigeria’s states.

Still receives a 3/5 score for me for his attempt at talking up social issues in a light hearted manner.

Track 4- Karishika ft Phyno, Chigurl

There’s not much to say about the hit song off the album, just bump this song in your car with your homies. Odds are, all your squad members have had one Karishiska encounter.

“God save me from Karishika!”

Perfect score here again for this song. 5/5.

Track 5 – Workaholic

I’m still a tad surprised at some of the themes off the album. Falz might be a funny guy, but he sure as hell ain’t afraid to talk serious issues.

The theme of Workaholic is one that will resonate with most Lagosians, the city of hustle and bustle. He admonishes us here, “Even God rested on the seventh day”.

This song also contains what seems like an Olamide diss.

” Ofe show pe Iwo ni wo n pe ni baddest/
O se show lasan, o record laale/
Mr Olorin, e relax o”

Try to have a bottle of palm wine as you jam this song.

Score 4/5

Track 6- Soldier ft Simi
I don’t know about you, but Simi is about the female vocalist out there with her kind of sound.

Her brilliant voice brings the song to life. Sadly, Falz’s verse don’t exactly live up to the occasion here as he ends Sounding too much like M.I on “Chairman”

Luckily, Simi’s singing more than makes up for any flaws.

Score 3.5/5

Track 7 – Clap ft Reminisce

I’m one of the few Nigerians who genuinely believes in Reminisce’s delivery and here he holds his own in hilarious fashion.

His “Oya spread your legs like a rumor” is my catchphrase for now. Don’t judge me.

It’s a great “get your crunk on” kind of jam.

Score 4/5

Track 8- Time Difference ft Sess

This song will resonate with all folks in long distance relationships.

“I dey for Lag, my shawty dey for Yankee” Falz begins on this semi soulful jam.

The song touches on all the hardships and insecurities of long distance relationship.

“She facetiming, at times we’re skyping/
I get phone sex when we’re tired of typing”

Falz’s producer ,Sess the problem kid also gets in on the act on this song with some clean singing and good ad libs.

Another perfect score for me here and another of my favorite songs off this album.

Score 5/5

Track 9: Celebrity Girlfriend ft Reekado Banks

If anything, this song shows Reekado Banks can never make a bad song.

Score 3/5

Track 10: Chardonnay ft Poe, Chyn

Poe is one of the best and underrated rappers in Nigeria.

This is the best song on this album for me, clean trumpet sequence and an announcement that “this is mature music” at the beginning herald what is a truly classic song.

Poe and Falz should make more songs together. First “Marry me” and now “Chardonnay music”, these homies ain’t messing around.

Here’s an excerpt of Chyn’s mad verse off this jam.

” This is for my chardonnay drinkers, Merlot Sippers/
The type to hold a convo and still hold their liquor/
Everyday there’s an occasion/
So many chics I spotted, Dalmatians/
And it never ends like Lindsay lohan’s court days/
I learn from her, especially when she’s on her knees”

Perfect score of 5/5.

Track 11- Kawosoke

Another good old Nigerian banger helped by bad ass beats and drums.

Just dance people.

Score 3/5

Track 12 Love you pass ft Bez

If you have a partner, this is another song that has the potential to be an original classic Nigerian love song.

In the mould of Duncan Mighty’s “Obianuju”, M.I ” One Naira”, this song is solid.

Thumbs up to Bez for awesome singing here.

Score 4.5/5

Track 13 – Karishika Remix ft M.I, SDC

You know it’s heavy when SDC and M.I jump on a track. You’d also know to hold your own against these heavyweights would be almost impossible but Falz surprisingly ups his game.

Although M.I is good enough on this song, Ghost and Tec didn’t even come to play blew the chairman out of the water with their verses.

Score 4/5

Track 14 – Everybody Thank you

Just a cliche ,towards the end of the album “thank you” track that you’ll find on all Nigerian albums.

Score 2.5/5

The bonus track “Ello bae” is yet another decent banger.

“Stories that touch” shows that Falz has grown as a musician and will undoubtedly leave you impressed.

The production is impeccable and its different from the one dimensional nature of an Olamide album.

It’s without doubt Nigeria’s best album this year.

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