Death Toll In Paris Attack Hits 134

The horror attack that hit Public museums and other cultural venues in the Paris area will reopen, three days after the incident in the French capital.

The culture ministry said in a statement on Sunday museums will reopen on Monday afternoon. It comes as the toll from the attacks rises to 132, with three of the dozens injured dying in hospital.

Authorities declared that 42 are still in intensive care.

City prosecutors say it is now known that at least three French suicide bombers were involved in the deadly attacks, with two of them living in the Belgian capital Brussels.

Police had on Saturday identified the first of the attackers, naming him as 29-year-old Paris native Omar Ismail Mostefai and saying he was involved in the attack on the Bataclan music venue where 89 people were killed.

Mostefai, whose identity was confirmed using a severed fingertip, was known to the intelligence services as someone close to radical Islam, but he had never been linked to terrorism.

It came as Greece’s migration minister said on Sunday a Syrian passport found by police at the scene of one of the attacks was issued to Ahmad alMohammad, an asylum seeker who had taken the migrants’ route through the Balkans.

Yiannis Mouzalas, junior interior minister for migration, said the 25-year-old was registered on the island of Leros on October 3, left the country on an unknown date and was last recorded in Croatia later that month.

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