Why Jimmy Jatt is the most stylish DJ in the country! 

Celebrities behind the mic and in front of the crowd are normally celebrated as the most stylish entertainers. With that said, just because the DJ is behind-the-scenes doesn’t mean that they can’t be as stylish as their vocal counterparts. 

In today’s world, DJs have become bigger and more influential musical icons than ever before. Take Nigeria for instance, one DJ that has attain that influential status, is no other person than Jimmy Adewale Amu, popularly known as DJ Jimmy Jatt. The best analogy we can draw to him is ‘wine getting better with age’! Hardly can you find any of his contemporaries still rocking the wheel of steel & looking half as handsome and happy as him? 

When it comes to stylish looks no one might have a more impressive stash than this Island born super star. The turn table King has switched up his style from T-shirts and jeans to becoming one of the most dapper men we know. 

When he’s on the red carpet, his looks can compete with the boys on Broad street, but instead, he chooses to mix the tunes. No wonder, Jimmy is the undisputed most stylish DJ in the country! 


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