Beauty Queen, Ezinne Akudo Is Over The Moon

ezinne akudo

Family pop champagne over her call to the Bar.It was a wild celebration at the home of the Akudos’ as their daughter, Ezinne, is over the moon by the virtue of her new status as a lawyer of the federal republic.
As you read this, Ezinne Akubo’s call to the Nigerian bar can evidently turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her, after winning Miss Nigeria beauty pageant in 2013.
Although, If she was not an ex-beauty queen, we probably might not have recognized her name among the 3,600 fresh lawyers called to the bar on Tuesday, October 20.

ezinne akudo
However, we can authoritatively reveal that, her achievements since she emerged the 38th Miss Nigeria, has been nothing but excellent.
The Abia State University graduate recently launched a Rape and crisis center called ‘The Eight Foundation’ in Lekki, which is dedicated to highlighting the issue of sexual violence against women and providing support services to victim.
Now that she’s been called to the bar, what next for the 25-year-old beauty queen? One thing is for sure, Ezinne cannot be short of male attention – but close friends say, she’s not in a hurry to say ‘I do.’ We understand that, her eyes have been wide open to differenciate between flatterers and serious men.

Stay tune as we reveal her next move.

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