Dr Mofin Gives Tips On How To Get a Man!!! | DZRPT Tv Breakfast Club

Ladies get in here!!! Doktor Mofin wants you to change your church in order to find a man!!! Lagos socialite, relationship expert and psychologist  Joro Olumofin also known as Doktor Mofin is our guest on this episode of DZRPTtv Breakfast Club.

Doktor Mofin discusses his famed 10 tips on how to get a man.
(1) Remove guys from your friend zone list:
(2) Smile Often ; Look Approachable
(3) Change your normal routine (try a new church, bar, cinema, beach)
(4) Eliminate Distractions : (Exs, Single minded friends, friends with benefits etc
(5) Open Mindset and Reasonable Standards
(6) Go out less with your friends
(7) Be Active on social media
(8) Attend organizations that are 60% male dominated ( gym, dance club, weddings)
(9) Re-brand / Repackage yourself
(10) Pray: this is the most Important factor when searching for a boyfriend. Prayer does things that science cannot explain.
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