UN Security Council To Vote On Burundi Resolution

Violence in Burundi has reached critical levels, with the United Nations Security Council set to vote on a resolution to condemn the recent human rights violations in Burundi as well as impose sanctions.

France submitted a draft resolution to the Security Council after French Deputy Ambassador Alexis Lamek told reporters on Monday “The escalating violence in Burundi has reached a very worrying stage, maybe a tipping point, We must face the reality: If we let the tensions escalate without doing anything, the whole country could explode”

More than 200,000 people have fled Burundi following Pierre Nkurunziza’s successful and controversial bid for a third term as violence followed his election victory. Pockets of violence have continued since then and the Government has issued an ultimatum asking everyone in possession of illegal weapons to surrender them.

The government’s hardline stance in a country that is already fractured and seemingly on the brink is likely going to push Burundi even further. The Military is expected to begin a search of homes immediately after the ultimatum on Saturday.

The violence in Burundi has claimed civilian casualties with dead bodies dumped on main roads as fears of another civil war become even more looming.

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